8/17/18 (Goodbye WordPress)

Is Infinite Jest in DFW's book the online consumer culture? Digital content so tailored to personal preference that one could never stop watching? But is the content curated to our tastes or do we conform our aesthethic to meet the closest bit of content to what we really want to see? In this sense, I'm wondering … Continue reading 8/17/18 (Goodbye WordPress)

I Do Not Know

I do not know What to do, What I am doing, What card do I play, Which reality do I choose? Here is the fork [here, fork] It is time to choose. Nothing you want to happen Will happen, Your opressors made sure of that And if you refuse to play, They will play for … Continue reading I Do Not Know


Fear resides In a powerful light That envelopes all of me And strangles my heart For no reason. Power oft stands reasonless. How shall I follow Debilitated And pounded by The undoing of my reality? All the hopes and aspirations That stitch together what I am Are undone by your Scary knife. One day I … Continue reading Fear


I am stuck in between a world of dreams and a world that does not exist. Time is moving so fast I lost myself in the glass that shattered in a transit. ... Transient blues carve away incandescent orange in chopped blocks that sway around deranged like the Times that falter to lethargy when my … Continue reading InBetween