America is God

               Now you are omniscient.
               You claim all our rent.
               You want your kids educated.
               Your presence makes them sedated.

America, your prophets are hopeful
     but they only make half of us cheerful.

I find you in buildings and trees,
     in gunshots and ghetto screams.

You are in the heart of businessmen
     and a rapists’ glasses lens.


America, you are God--
     you made pretzel rods!

You’ve laid that lipstick on my collar
     and you took my only dollar.

You are present on the smiles of happy people
     stoned out of their minds asking for more purple.


America, you saved us from heroin--
     only bulimic chicks shoot-up
     believing they’re heroines.

You’ve blessed us with plastic TV;
     it was you! it was you! America, you saved me!

We pray before your altars playing American Idol,
     I get wet dreams thinking Minaj is my bridal.


You cured me from blindness and hunger,
	my dollar crack-rock vision still lingers.

America, you know all,
	I could not doubt your spaghetti fingers.

I know you scared us with Mayan math,
     but on that night I drowned in a bath.

Please, o God ! Please! Take me to heaven !

I know Puerto Rico; you made it perfect--
	they speak english ‘till eleven !
4 Responses to “America is God”
  1. Holy shit, dude. Can I share this on my blog?

  2. reconquistar says:

    parabens pelo blog, belissimo trabalho

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