Contemporary and Surrealist Youth

I wrote this on the eve of the Sandy Hook shooting. Literally the day before.

After learning about a freshman at my high school throwing a massive garbage can down three flights of stairs during a passing period because he was told he had ‘no balls’ if he did not and another student at my high school throwing his own feces in a solo cup into the commons area, I thought about why would someone do this? I was more concerned with the students because of what they did. Were the acts birthed of some bastard influence or was it the weirdly disconnected parenting of society? What had fostered these acts intrigued me.
When I look at mainstream society, I see masses of youth who are lacking a clear, individual definition. Instead, I feel that the youth are collapsing under archetypes that hate mainstream influence. Under my opinion, it seems hatred is actually a cause here. Hatred for Rebecca Black, hatred of hipsters, of ratchets and different music; hatred of things that seem too calculated, too maintained and meditated. Observing video games that collectively take hold of such a large audience, hatred comes forefront in the fight to kill. Games are taken too seriously and young adults have grown into the characters that they portray. They dream carrying weapons and hunting for murder. And when in fact they are hunted, they are angry. They want to band together in an effort to better their chances in the hunt, but who is the hero? They all want to claim this title and fierce competition eats away at teamship. And even amongst brotherhoods there is hatred for one another, all wants to be the hero, all wants to be the victor and a claim to fame that fuels vigorous violence.
This satisfaction cannot come from parents either. The age-old teenage rebellion has intertwined with hatred and parents have come to be blamed for depression. Where there are no sincere conversations, parents feel better to ground their children. Taking away their pleasurable video games and the children finding no higher pleasure than taking the role of a virtual grim reaper. With instant gratification of video games, there is addiction and instant need to keep killing. And when the children act in better demeanor for their parents, the parents allow the children to queue at midnight releases and midnight adventures in rendered dungeons and mystical landscapes of desert warfare.
A book seems to be hardly read anymore, all learning seems to be in the form of grades and testing to get by. Rewards for good marks in school are more games and parents fuel more the insestant gaming. It seems to be more and more odd to actually read an assigned text as homework and essays can be found more and more online. College has become a social atmosphere for parties and ‘fun’ rather than an attempt to discover oneself and attain true knowledge. Plato must be smiling on what he wrote of Socrates’ criticisms of democracy and weeping at what has become western education, once a forefront for enlightenment and liberal education. ‘You speak another language. . . ? Queer.’
But to those who act out viciously, the realm of reality and fantasy seem embedded. Real consequence seems ever fleeting, as the youth is more and more apt at getting away with malicious actions. It is sad that responsibility seems to be more and more jaded for the youth. The lifestyle gets worse and worse until one finally finds oneself in a jailhouse. . . How depraved. A keen, growing sense for satisfaction is finding itself in notoriety. And visible acts get you dirty looks that make you feel good, and the good are finding themselves more ostracized in the decline of inter-personal communication. The good cannot band together under some academic endeavor, the scene for literaries is seldom found, and poetry is ‘gay.’
Expression has found itself in rock music, classic rock is hip to the youth. It seems the only aesthic trigger is bound to knowing every Doors song. I am not attacking the music, as I am quite fond of it, but how the youth use it as an escape. Music is also tied to drug use. Inbetween gaming sessions, it has become normal to go smoke some pot. Drugs have become an everyday part of life and are seldom held sacred or revered for their mind-altering effects. Drugs seem to make ‘normal’ life bareable when the youth can smoke before a family dinner or completely miss out on the event to go driving around smoking and then playing video games.
There are plenty of influences into the erratic behavior of the youth, but it comes down to an identity problem. Being cool has never been so much on the agenda as the actions that connote with being cool now. With more normative and consolidated palettes of society, one can be nobody or somebody. It seems the grey area is fading to black and white. You are or are not. You did something heinous or you become another brick in the wall. This is where I draw my comparison to surrealism and expressionism. When the history has been at such an attempt to make perfect dreams of perfect jobs and perfect houses and lifestyles, and efforts to college and getting a job; the youth today make their splatter mark, their weird, curvy lines in their behavior. It is the defiance to all that society has seen for such a long time that fuels today. Today is the day where the youth make anti-art and find themselves making strokes where they should not. The youth today are fiery and will not take lightly criticism to their work.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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