Statue with no name

He sat and a mysterious vapor swarmed the confines of his ethereal body. Ants and bugs crawled upon the confines of his rock body. Black silhouettes dreamed and danced around him like trees menace a lost hiker in the woods. He sat there tired with unease of himself as life trances past with unheeded notice. The dew rose and fell countlessly, glistening past the light of the moon and sun. He sat and he sat, unattended and disregarded for his unmistakeable beauty and wisdom. But he felt hollow, crumbling from the inside and on the outside as rain dribbled down his face in innumerable storms and phasing showers. Time, he felt, did not want him nor the ground on which he sat. He never knew peace until he knew his name.

2 Responses to “Statue with no name”
  1. Wow. Interesting point of view. I enjoyed how you protected this matter….
    A couple of points I dont agree with but hi… thats a new view.
    I am super keen to study the next post. Are you able to make the next
    one more in depth? Thanks :)

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