Coldest Moment of the Night


There is a coldest moment of the night:
     when the moon sits up so way up high
          shining through a screen of breathless cloud
               and the wind whispers through skimp treefingers.

A plane cuts through the sky like a kite
     and distant cars on highways roar by;
          a train rumbles through the somber shroud
               not to bother any soul who lingers.

Through this cold time are gazing lights
     that shine through all to hit your eye
          far away you see a walker’s pout--
               all is seen in this night’s winter.

“This air kisses my skin with awful blight--
     can we go inside, in warmth, and lie?
          Please ! let us go inside right now ! “
               The coldest moment of the night brings her.
One Response to “Coldest Moment of the Night”
  1. Ziggy Mang says:

    Rhyme scheme is weird but I like it for this poem. Forces you to read it how it is written and a holistic mind will pick up the rhyme.

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