A Tomorrow

Écrit Décembre 2012 // Révisé le 13 Juin 2013

Wired and my tea cup is ready;
I know you did it, stop crying.

"We all have made our enmity ...
we all have made our 'wrongs' ...
we all have made our amends ...
we all have made our 'rights'."

She won't stop crying, at least
not for a while. As I hold this
saddened soul, I can only console.
Even if I left, she would stay
this way. She would wither
away in tears of grief, but my
stay must be brief. I know
exactly where she's at--in a
profuse, tremendous darkness;
in her head will last.
She can't see anything and
she won't see anything.
The cold criminal's conviction
has her now and she can't
say anything but sorry yet.
It was blindness that started 
this and it has consumed
her entirely by now. But the
most important thing that she
     cannot see
          is that there is
               a tomorrow.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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