A Funny Song

A whispered lullaby sweets my ear red and my neck hair on edge. A frigid ripple shook my limbs. I felt spooked and close, very close. Close to the visions of hustlers and vice city, Tangiers. Close to the midnight drum circle that had a funny song — too loud for the light mama above and too quiet for the lively, heavenly father above. A string of close calls and ding – dong – ditching the Algerians who called the cops if you walked past and whored every chaps innocence and seeded a faster sense of fun for a bottle of wine and pack of cigarettes. We might have just done the Egyptian shumba had we not had to leak. My legs had as much a chance standing up as a pre-– teen tree looking up at funnel cloud touch down. A slug had a better chance accidentally shelling a window. It was happy and depraved with a mind like Buddha and a stomach as Gandhi’s. I felt a rerun rendezvous déjà vu, But no other night was like this. I cannot repeat myself – I’m too exhausted anyways.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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