Urban Paralysis

The glistening buildings looked seamless
     from afar. 
As I approached
     a howling wind battered me
     making it difficult to advance. 
The wind whipped the sky scrapers 
     and the decadent facade could not withstand. 
Closer, I could see the delicate cracks
     the fallen debris
     the faceless streets
     and droned people crawling. 
The wind blew a powerful gust
     sent me to my knees
     and pulled tears from my eyes. 
I looked up to the grey sky moving fast
     as the air was taken deep from my lungs. 
I shivered in immobility
     urban paralysis
     a decadent stint from the Gods above. 
In the windows high above
     children's faces gazed with mourn. 
I froze in the middle.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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