The L, the L, the L--
     Walking around the L
     Carrying passengers
          on this continuous ride. 
     Under the rackety cars going
          by and by
     Over subterranean tunnels
          where dreams do lie. 

     The L runs bringing people
     and tearing them
     The L runs from stop
          to stop
     and stops for no one
          but an ill-fated drop,
     The L runs between
          buildings and trees
     between children bellowing
          loud screams. 

     The L runs the drugs, lovers,
          and office space workers,
     musicians and listeners,
          writers and readers,
     families and homeless looping tracks in the loop. 

     Blindness to riders brings all the juxtaposition,
     Hate and Love,

The L runs and bustles
Not faltered from shakey stance
Like a restless apparition
Siphoning the space of the living
With ghastly shrieks
And sparks up neat.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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