The small town with
     big ambitions and little shops,
     bigger smiles and hidden secrets. 

     "Good evening."

The mom-and-pop shops linger
     on convenience and familiar talk of the town. 

Old bungalows port next to
     copper-clad mansions on
     streets littered with
     diseased elm trees. 

A southern air bleaches
     memories with familiarity
     and warm family feelings. 

The kids dream big here,
     of skyscrapers and escaping
     the viscous molasses flowing
     through casual exchanges. 

The kids dream big here,
     of winding busy expressways
     to fast moving cities and
     never looking back but there
     is still the green Spring Inn
     on the corner of spring and vallette
     where the dreams stain like
     the rings around their mugs. 

Shop owners stand and
     wait in their store windows,
     smiling at the passing residents,
     nodding at the casual laughter,
     thinking in big dreams that stain
     like rings around their mugs.
2 Responses to “Elmhurst”
  1. This is fantastic as a stand alone piece of description, but it also reads like a prologue to a bigger story…not sure if that is what you intended, but even if not, it is very intriguing and would draw one in to read more, if you chose to write it. Love it! :)

    • Ziggy Mang says:

      Thank you very much. Lately, I have been influenced by Carl Sandburg’s descriptive prowess to reveal a latent truth or problem.

      I have some short stories that I have been meaning to revise and post here. . . Hopefully coming soon!

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