Snowy Day

And I feel in this moment,
the lament of a hardened laborer,
a sharp tear full of the frustrations
that come to be
of the fruits of this world–

all sour and sweet,
all tart and soft,
all tragic and defeating.

Defeating the will of my being,
and being me;
defeating my will.

The snowy day will come
and I would walk unto the ice fields
with no shoes,
nor socks,
and relinquish and surrender myself
upon the frozen landscape
that welcome the kind of frozen death
that some sad sap wishes for
because of who he is.

And in the midst of this moment
I look outside to see droll clouds
roll ever so slowly upon a grey sky.

Forecasting a crazed drift upon
city life and city skies that speak
uneasily of the homeless
and hate crimes that ramble
down one-way streets,
whereas drunken students
ramble down the two-way ones.

And I feel lifted
from my room and into the sky,
as though,
I am devoid of the experiences that
coat the city black and red.

2 Responses to “Snowy Day”
  1. rawencounterswithestella says:

    Exceptionally lovely. Thanks for sharing! :)

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