Depths of Cruel Hearts

the deep noises
     from down within
     and the lurking grin
     the tested lurk
     and still shaking hands
     the soft breathing chest
     and the rampant heart

at least here we are all the same
     creeping through the dark
     the cold and cold-hearted
     seeking something vile
     making towards the light
     smelling the sweet scent
     seeking God in everything

here and coming for it
     looking for it
          even through the total darkness
     these deep rungs reap
     carving holes in minds
          to writhe in fear and judgement and totality

until the everlasting word sears fate
     in a scar as permanent
     as the black blindness gripping all
2 Responses to “Depths of Cruel Hearts”
  1. rawencounterswithestella says:

    Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous! :)

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