I Care

     I sent a thousand letters
so I knew you'd read my words.

     I know you'd only open a few,
cut up the rest, and burn the
others over your warm bedside

     I couldn't count the nights I
stayed up writing, buried in
sweet thoughts of you, bundled
in blankets, all crept over a
rustic light, all stuffed up
with tears rolling like beads
down my face.

     I picked one rose petal for each
letter, none of them were the
same, all uniquely picked for

     Some with dark lines, some had
light lines, some white, some
blood red, some pink, and all
hues and shades in between them,
but each day I picked one petal
out just for you, for each letter.

     I doubt you know what I'd do
for you.

     I'd write a thousand letters,
I'd hide a million stars, I'd
cry countless nights, I'd write
a hundred songs, I'd pick one
thousand rose petals just to
let you know I care.
8 Responses to “I Care”
  1. Harmony says:

    This is nice. You must be a sweet guy. You shouldn’t hurt yourself like this. How old are you? I take it you’re a teenager. If so, there is a whole world ahead of you.

    • Ziggy Mang says:

      I’m 18. I’ve just been depressed and this girl, who I am absolutely infatuated with, left for school in Oregon and I’m in Chicago.

      • Harmony says:

        Oh to be 18. Is it a one sided infatuation? That is a pretty large gap. Mind me asking why you are so depressed, and why you are so in love? Did you two have some sort of history? Were you lovers? You are a good poet, and I am sure there are others who would appreciate your gentle words in your area. If she is not writing back to you, then maybe space is essential?

        • Ziggy Mang says:

          We had a summer romance; I’m just sad not to be with her. I’m depressed because of college. I’m going to take a year off to write; I’m just not motivated to school work and being punished, through bad marks, is depressing. It’s too comfortable to be in a dorm and fed food and given a syllabus and sitting in class. I want to go out and explore. I digress but I also want her to be by my side and that may mean that I should go to her. I gather that she really likes me, she reads poetry and also speaks French. During the summer we would lay in her basement and listen to Benny Goodman or Billy Holiday. I miss her and that’s what I hope this poem conveys.

  2. Harmony says:

    I understand your angst, however, maybe she has found somebody at her school? As a women, we tend to move on so we can forget of-or at least-hold another meaning to our past. Maybe this summer romance was not as true to her, as it is to you? Summer only lasts so long. Maybe it would not be a good idea to travel that distance to see her? I have just recently come across your blog (I was searching for Ziggy Marley) and I can sometimes relate to your words. Maybe pursuing education will only enhance your skills, your knowledge?

  3. Harmony says:

    Do you have an email address? I would like to forward to you some fascinating contemporary art you might appreciate.

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