Ambush !

A sultry harlot shrieked at the China moon,
The green bottles slammed and shattered under the night.

Money, coins, and pocket billiards.

Soft brown wig flung two takes to the wind.

The night lepors loop de loop to the 29-hour diner, gripping chipped mugs to their cracked smiles.

Marlboro shakes. The Red Man stole your tooth, a hole in your pouch, no time to chew.

Spit ! Spit !

The shadows cast hide the wrinkles and worries lining the faces.

Still, the cat leaps from the bushes … Ambush !

Drunken, heart-filled, scrambled and ripped up, smeared and truthful, upside-down illegible nonsense notes alongside tissues, a dollar bill, two nickels three pennies and an infinite emptiness that won’t wash off in the sink with soap.

We’ll have the check please.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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