Dancing under the fake moonlight

I saw a poster in a high school
     Depicting Uncle Sam that read:
     I want YOU to go to college!

How many of them will think
     That this is all there is?
How many think they must
     Look their best in their
     Dancing shoes and then
     Realize they were not
     Suited for the ball?

The institutions suppress the mad,
     Free-thinkers, and all else weird
     Telling them to go to the masquerade
     Hiding under the professional
     Cloak to dance and talk pretty
     For hours on end. 

Who will take off their masks and
     Unlace their distressing shoes?

When will they think, speak, and
     Act on their own?
When will it stop?

It costs moneys and hearts and

Breathe the air
One Response to “Dancing under the fake moonlight”
  1. Ziggy Mang says:

    Now you guys can really like it, haha!
    Forgot to end the pre format code

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