Drop It All

I dropped the ball,
I dropped it all.

As babies sleep in cribs
     I crack my own ribs.

The sky fell tonight on my own head;
     don't worry about it, go to bed--
tomorrow: no frustrations or worries,
     depression, sorrow, or flurries.

The devil plays a tricky game,
     he's got more cards to play,
he'll gut you 'till your tame.

I dropped the tab, I dropped the class,
I dropped out of school to make the trip last.

Fickle tears leave the sorrowful trail,
rickety unease as was wiped away; my veil.

I knew it, I fucking knew it.

That game has been played, ante up.
I've lost my only piece, I, a vigilante.

I've wanted to cool off my shoulders,
    now my ticket's punched
I cannot move life's sole boulder.

Won't budge, won't dip, won't nudge, won't tip.

Cast me ablaze to burn down in ruins;
it never mattered, I was always a truant.
A tyrant, a tyrant, let the whistles roar,
my ship has set its cast to thunder ashore.

I pray my final prayer,
I said I'm done, I swear.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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