Thích Quảng Đức


For a second,I saw heaven
his body boiling in transcending\hue .

His body engulfed in mortalflames
and fueled the phoenix'srainbow !

Not only orangesyellowesredes
but azuresvioletes and Phosphorescencepinkes!

the eyes spewed a total white light,
a prism to his life in oppressions.

The air wicked above his head
bowing to the pressuresclaiming hismight.

the ignitor sat next to him in idle rest
and melt to the ground from hell protruding.

his heart bore:: the eyelids of a million
and swept to a dullen ash,, the crumbling
creation of immolation//or the perfect self-destruction

might his heart beat last or fuse in my head
i only wish i was the one dead
3 Responses to “Thích Quảng Đức”
    • RMpaton says:

      Absolutely incredible, so unbelievably vivid and intense… And that last verse was complete poetic perfect – loved it

  1. Je suis vieille de quarante-trois printemps !

    Je m’appelle Creissant.
    Je suis une juriste immobilière . Si je suis parfois une vraie prune, ce n’est pas pour autant un
    défaut ?

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