Beefeater + Tonic

He's walking … he's walking …
Yeah, unh ! — watch Miles …
he's walking — mmmh ! Unh, unh,
Philly Joe … watch him now,
the Blackhawk is soarin
and Oleo. Another, another
Beefeater 'n tonic — two
limes please!

All ladies legs are crossed
in some restraint to let
Miles hold their melted
wax hearts ransom.

The boys watch with
starry eyes in San Fran
at a heroic combo. 

The hepcats, beatniks,
and all else regular denizens
may have heard them
once, twice, or thrice
but it still sounds nice. 

That damned trumpet
makes the girls slouch
on an up-standing arm
and squeeze between
their legs and the
men clamp their teeth
and smile with tight lips. 

Uh … unh … yeah …
mnnh … yeah !
2 Responses to “Beefeater + Tonic”
  1. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this piece. Not only is it really well written, especially the opening, and how it just rolls with the scene you describe, and also with holding melted was hearts ransom (a terrific line), but also you manage to put in Beefeater, tonic, and Miles Davis. Three weaknesses of mine.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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