They Know

They know that I am here,
          that I am standing here.
They know that I smoke Marlboro lights.
They know that I drink but never
                 too much.
They know that I can count on two
                 two hands, my friends.
They know that my acquaintances are
               as infinite as the stars
               in the clear, purple skies.
They know that I am dropping
               out but not why really.
They know that I write but not
               of my motif.
They know my oldest brother and
          my youngest and that
          the other does not care.
They know my dog, Duke, but
          not what I feel for him.
They know I take the tabs but they
            do not know why.
They know not my head as they
              know themselves.

Their reflection projects on
            me and they know
                     my name.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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