Portents of Splendid Candor

The full face in the dark of night
revels as victor of this fierce fight
to wait out the light of day
where she cloaked away in parlays.

The dog, who finally trills in barks
after the master slept on his remarks,
will find his noise in some vanity
when no one can hear his audacity.

A man without a home in need of change
will receive a buck or two from the street
to see himself in the asphalt heat
and realize he made himself estranged.

The peer knows himself to be
the confidante of a transferee
and read the blood slathered on the wall:
you really knew nothing, nothing at all.

The painting drenched in copious layers
looked good at show to the surveyors
but the beauty fell underneath ten strokes,
a beauty laden cosmetics would ne'er invoke.

Some stanza with a thousand breaks
does something that four never mistake;
the original meaning had begun to flake
and the full well would evaporate.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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