An Email to a Professor

Professor Xxxxxx,

I have posted below one of my favorite original passages that sparked the idea of following dreams. I have been labeling my work ‘Transientism’ because I believe our deepest dreams lead us to thrive and live without real boundaries. Where we are lost when we follow blindly and to be happy we must chase the fleeting ideals we engrain in our unique identities. Where we might have to collapse (as my recent depression has to me) in order to realize we have been sailing into the wind and need a dire change of course. I don’t want everyone who reads my work to drop all their things and move to Florida but to earnestly reflect on their life and think about the future. I have had the feeling that I have been getting trapped in the present. I had no real thought into pursuing college or what I thought was best for me after high school. As though I simply followed the instructions handed to me that read: take the ACT, fill out the Common App, submit by your college deadlines, and choose one that sounds appealing. And I regret none of that, but I led myself down this path and it proved to be a struggle. As I said, the Loyola professors I met should hold their heads high because they have all proven to be knowledgable and passionate. And ultimately, I look forward to my future while cradling the past and sprinting in the moment.


What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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