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I’m not true. I never found the truth. I put it to my lips but never tasted. Dripping down my chin and I wiped it off and spat it on my slacks. I lost it in the grass with my red man chew. Now get out and find it, one said. The second only glared and glimmered like a fragmented shard making me feel like I was going to throw it all up. And rolled off my silver sharp witted tongue wired to the explosives that fizzled out because of all my tears. That second was after the first and seemed like four years ago when my confusion led me three lefts past my first class and made me feel a fool. And I keep turning away from it and I keep tuning out of it and I keep taunting my way toward facing it and it knows. That truth knows because of some egotistical self confidence like a firefly in July.


What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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