Beat Spring

Forward thinkers, fast thinkers,
edge brinkers
Pond drinkers
    Chant singers
   Hallelujah screamers
  Driving beamers.

	The hot cup special,
walk around with your
shirt in this back seat
	so you can bathe 
	and look like a
beatnik steeped in heat
	Or try to write
a poem on some tumultuous
	And please see your
because you made him
	And this mood is
and this one is not
	but it's latent
		you see ?
And the kingpin is staring
	you down
and gives you a wink.

Trapped in boney lapse
	your tears finish last
and you can never ever
	have fun or relax
and you sleep on trash
	from your card that's
2 Responses to “Beat Spring”
  1. RMpaton says:

    I think this might be one of my favourite poems that you’ve so written so far – love it

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