o these kids run around

o these kids run around
	and bury around
		putting their crooked noses
      where they cannot sea
    where they smoke some tea
  where their limits teeth
    where they cannot be
      with their crooked noses
				snorting that shit or those xanax
           where their mother's ask about
  where their minds dishevel with juxtaposing images
			one candid and caught with splendor
	where their minds transcend conventions and familiarities
   where questions and make-shift judgements are forgotten
		     like the fluttering and seldom conceived
					passerby butterfly
	     where all the living occurs
	where they get kicked off their rockers
	   where the kids gathered but never made a deal about it
			  a has been
						pastly existed
			  soonly returning
					experience where all my friends run around
								and bury around
2 Responses to “o these kids run around”
  1. rabiyya khan says:

    thank you for following Globe Scope.

  2. Tammy says:

    I like your word choices – clever use of adverbs and it works well to describe teens.

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