I look in between the bars—
my world is out of focus. 
My goddamn mind screams at me:
And I have to ask where?
My heart is racing but I am still here. 

The cellophane ash melts the window
like snowflakes in smug March. 
Is everything out of place
or am I just lousy?
Is everyone okay
or are their mouths just drowsy?
My crook'd fingers cannot hold
my bleeding heart
and the pali gap is widening. 

All the third eyes wrapped up
like Christmas presents
and we're all too sour
to take them out
from the top shelf
of out mirrored closets
or maybe we just forgot, but;
I am my brother's keeper
and my sister's protector
so maybe I should just sleep
and let my bruised, tired eyes readjust
to the landscapes in our dreams. 

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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