Elmhurst YMCARevised 2/18
Drafted 11/24

  The night captures the radiance
the electric effect of the cold
the whirring of house heaters
heating houses
          on a night of oppressive gripe,
     a night that captures death
in its stillness ———
         unwavering but for music, the droning
      effect affecting the cold
       creeping upon sleepy angels
      in their suburban castles
               with ice slowly chipping ———
     they're dreaming and running ———
             run away from the cold night !
            it's right outside the frosted glass ———
    yet the fan is spewing tropical
           comfort, artificial stale breath
     like the sounds of the helicopter, the mechanical
                bird of death
                        if you stare long enough
               you will hear it
          hover and linger in
                    the corner of every room
           breathing on the hot-headed
            angels and his kids —— they slumber
                    and kick and run
                        away from the night ———
          the deep–black, vast void where nothing
         can move but the frosted breath ———
               suspended for moments,
             seconds, hours or even days
                   right over the tops of the infinite depths of the cold
            that run up to the cracked
      plastic castle walls
              that nobody ever made
             a deal about, but I did ———
       and then the eclectic whirring vanishes finally
            and the obscure music of
            the indefinite swirls around
            my head as I come to

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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