writers digest:


my mantra ...

     living between realms, the slumber and the wideawake
world. life for you and mano y mano. and life breathing for
questions left unanswered; livelines with not a word on the
other side. checks for none to cash—a tab uncleared. two
drinks beneath consciousness and a lifetime running away from
reality. life can mean that to you ... if you examine it
carefully. a life for now and a life for pissdreams fucked
from the last word that had some standing in a sovereign
nation like ours. I live here and I live abroad. they say:
"you don't look so good" and I say I know what I mean. I
dream for this day of only passing waves, I dream to go
hunting and max my credit card. now we are all going to be
terrorists, rock stars and used cars salesmen. we will have
screwed up and maybe it was somebody's fault. we’d’ve screwed
up and it's hard to collect from mistakes. we screwed up and
we collect all the pieces. we screw up and finally move on to
dreams we had clasped for so long in bed alongside our itchy
foreheads that really felt ‘right’ with a longquick thought of
what it was we felt was ‘right’ . what is 'right' for us (as we
cycle through the thickened glaze of alcoholic histories and
the stark, cold front) is unknown but on the contrary, popularly
known. there is a weight that revs our pistons and drives us
on unparalleled dreams as unique as we are. rather exceptional
to standard, we hum under a waking breath. curious for the
next few minutes of calculated endeavor. and then lifting to
flight, and our eyes never cruise. we find our last fight.
unrealized, we cannot make peace with our future. until (at
last !!) we strive with our hearth­forged boots from fertile,
warm grounds and reap and reap upon reams of golden bound. it
never makes sense ... living between realms.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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