In the sanctity

NYC Loft

In the sanctity
of the unity
in these leprosies
formed from peasantries
under the monstrosities
who are really devotees
of cryptic liturgies
that propose divine remedies
in ritualistic oddities
that formed the basis of salvaged treaties
which in the end destroyed a land of mysteries
that let a people live happily
in the face of the greatest uncertainties
man never had any worries
he could bask in glory's festivities
lest he had acted rightly
to a code of morals or philosophies
but here all the rights and wrongs stripped concisely
show us to behave like we out to be
in sincerities
and pleasantries
against commodities
and priorities
but for finding man's identity
and cherishing the world's rarities
not to just you or me
but to all in the kingdom of the free
transcending all beliefs and decrees
to hold us all for all eternities.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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