Water Bredeth All:


from the Lips that kiss Me 
to theChair that sits me 
all came from Water

your mother
your Daughter
the Foliage and these

Earth forged from the
Son;s Furnace
bore Carbon and Metals

Life stirs in
little ceramic Cups
the Curse of the Sentients
Water bound in the
Silhouettes of a Body
stirring still
like inane Aggressions
to a touchy Priest
or Eco-Terrorist Murders
killing Themselves
like rising Smoke
lifting and wilting

still,the Scents were
crafted amoung Us
amoung Us crafted
Us crafted amoung
Them and then
only Life given
can smell the Daisies
and Pansies and Lilacs

from Water-borne
to Water-dead
'till Waters acast
absolve the Poison
dripping from Its own Dagger
2 Responses to “Water Bredeth All:”
  1. Janelle says:

    Wow. Powerful, poignant. Very well written. I especially loved the last stanza.

  2. bayzi62 says:

    Loving the rhythm of the poem bro

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