Sentencing Lala

My heart warms and nestles

in & out of sanity

High is when the temperature is
Fashionably late and your heart
Is the strobe cruising along the
Arabian sea knowing you can
Drive to Dubai from Kannur
Within a day through the water
Held in a bottle of eye drops
Because anything is possible
When jazz makes the swings
See a child and his mother or
Shakti who morns the absence
Of Brahman while the fog sits
Over the valley of Shiva
As fireworks caress your skin
And make their way around the
Waist of Cleopatra and a figure
Built of glitter throwing flames
In drunken sailors eyes that
Have traveled from Israel in
Search of a bird sold down the
Road from the City Center
Painted in pastels and hiding
A mosaic of horses that I begged
To be mine but the mail doesn’t
Send laptops before the hospital
Holds mayan princesses
That have read the codes
Within a…

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