A violent crude enigma

of immeasurable proportions

dimensions unknown to laymen

and silent whispers unheard.

I speak sweetly of designs

I have never kept

and hope-addled promises

I have never met.

To err again and again

from the illustrious path …

what lessons have I learned?

I beseech thee for answers

to questions unanswerable.

Unnerving faith

for the callous mind

scarred and twisted

demented in nature

seeking out darkness

in innumerable fabled realities

abstract notions of the futility

of a world gone mad … 

Now there is notation

and frightened documentation

motivation to describe

to meekly define

these base rapturous tendencies

to escape the icy void …

Project heroin it is called

the soft hazy blanket

that puts down the livewire

running through my head.

Sleep sleep young prince

your kingdom awaits you

fall down from stupid cognition

answer my riddle

and take the eternal prize …

And shall I take my throne?

O Angel of Death!

Candid eddys current

to untimely news

that there never was

a cure for the insanity

only solace found

in the vital transformation

of new found identity

risen out of smouldering embers.

Though the reincarnate

duty bound reminisces

stark in his mind

the flailing horrors

of the past life

living the true lies.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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