Let It All Fray


Through the windowpane

the ash melts the cellophane

yellow stained knuckles

odorous of genteel despair

the head meets the pavement

in the dead of night

the moths dance in halos

of orange and blue streetlights

stained the facades of elm trees

look black violet and pink


the mind dissolves

like a fractured web

fragments of identity

solitude of insanity

foresaken from everyone

a refugee of society

I cannot see as you do

only projection reveals the truth

for thoughts say nothing

only rip apart the sentiment

conviction stands idle

values become squalid

the day to day becomes

a pestulance fitting

for the unkempt psyche

predisposed to the ugliness

the vile and unsavory

life bears down

in oppressive smug heat

and a smeared old lens

with the only relief found

living between realms

once the sun sets

comes the indeterminate period

called night


all words are lost

meaningless symbols

like kindergarten tapestries

the babble slowly descends

into nothingness

the spector speculates

and all airy peculiarities

are swept away

for nothing makes sense

in twilight reveries

form a fatal personality

a deadly cloak

make believe no one sees

everything inside of me.

What do you think? Criticisms and praise welcome.

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