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An Email to a Professor

Professor Xxxxxx, I have posted below one of my favorite original passages that sparked the idea of following dreams. I have been labeling my work ‘Transientism’ because I believe our deepest dreams lead us to thrive and live without real boundaries. Where we are lost when we follow blindly and to be happy we must … Continue reading

Things have changed, I can no longer sit here, study and wait. Something irate lurks deep within. Ash flakes tumble off of me. Dostoevsky slathers the black shadows I see. I cannot eat, drink, nor seldom think. But the bloom comes at an odd hour later, when I am covered in light petals forecasting the … Continue reading

Michigan Avenue speaks: More Guns means more Gun Violence

Imagine: it is late out and you are walking home alone. You go down an alleyway near your house to save time. Halfway through, two men approach you displaying a knife. One of them demands, “Give us your wallet and your phone!” Then you pull out your concealed handgun so they could see. Instantly, they … Continue reading

When I put my hood up I feel like a sunflower.


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