‘I’ve been dead for fucking years.’

A short, short on a radical character inspired by some of the amazing characters in some of Dostoevsky’s works. The note I played was subtle, I had hoped it had been hardly—if ever—heard. I had hoped the note was the ominous space left tickling an ear follicle with the utmost slender tone, a taste so … Continue reading

Cale’s Liquor

I am in a liquor store with cream linoleum tiles, white plaster walls, flickering yellow and white lights, and aisles made of racks of disheveled booze. On the counter is “rentable wine” which are bottles of wine with the foils removed and the corks sticking part of the way out. I have been looking at … Continue reading

Mental note #70

So full ! So full of life and kisses! So careless! So I caress! So I could care less! So wise! So full of smoke! So cautious of sick jokes! So meaning- less! So meditative and authoritative! So-so! So murdered with curiosity! So flustered with attentiveness! So stupid! So, something? Soso something? I don’t know, … Continue reading

Conversation by the Sea

An old man sporting a black beret and leather jacket was sitting on a bench flouting the brink of the fresh new sea in Berkley. I sat next to him tired and waiting for the next train to gallantly glide over the vast waters. “Amazing,” he started. “Isn’t it?” The sky was cast with a … Continue reading

An Old Story

Probably from the summer of 2011… I was into vague syntax and weird storytelling. Shirtless hitchhiker walked past As I enter into the woods, he had a large graybeard and just nodded at me. I entered the trail and dead spouts of grass and seed hung over the small trail. Crickets chirp yards away from … Continue reading


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