Sleepy Suburbs

My favorite poem



Transcendence of lies that form bodies-- so long, so beautiful. Disillusioned truths intangible-- to him, to here. This mask is here, now what can you say dribbling the mind. That faucets definitions of rumored silhouettes standing amongst shadowy fields Fruiting deception ignorantly eaten in the currents of living rooms universalized around television and scrapes of conversation hollow of majesty and significance In the kings eye. But devoid of any Merriam worth, of any true lies. Guard dog, watch man, watch, but turn your back and feel the cold embrace that fickles limbs tossed in beds, so campy, brittle with stories of waking hours and waking showers that compound good will, and destroy theirs. Unpopular measures in sleepy suburbs that whisper of conspiracy or neutrality and empirical experience, deteriorating beer heavy bellies into cold, shoveling hands picking guitars and up cigarette butts that feel hot like writing paper pressed for dangerous…

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« Serenity fell upon »

the trees hush as they come forth ... Serenity fell upon The bare Carcasses of Bark Spouting verdant Paragons Stained with satin Watermark Of lush and bright cherry Hues And sunrise Greens born anew. This peace allots the dew to sleep Upon the wee heads of lawns That furnish softness to steep The gallant song … Continue reading « Serenity fell upon »

Beat Kid

Beat kid ... Mr. Momotaro has cat hair in his msg and kingpin Larry still fingers Lisle's lanes. Morton salts his neighbor's daughter's driveway while Ray McDonald McGangbangs the ratchet way. Old Wooly Woodridge scarfs incandescents up his ass full of baking soda and cocaine. Fulbright got a second look from Forbes while they sat … Continue reading Beat Kid