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Sleepy Suburbs

Transcendence of lies that form bodies– so long, so beautiful. Disillusioned truths intangible– to him, to here. This mask is here, now what can you say dribbling the mind. That faucets definitions of rumored silhouettes standing amongst shadowy fields Fruiting deception ignorantly eaten in the currents of living rooms universalized around television and scrapes of … Continue reading

In the sanctity

In the sanctity of the unity in these leprosies formed from peasantries under the monstrosities who are really devotees of cryptic liturgies that propose divine remedies in ritualistic oddities that formed the basis of salvaged treaties which in the end destroyed a land of mysteries that let a people live happily in the face of … Continue reading

Mental note #70

So full ! So full of life and kisses! So careless! So I caress! So I could care less! So wise! So full of smoke! So cautious of sick jokes! So meaning- less! So meditative and authoritative! So-so! So murdered with curiosity! So flustered with attentiveness! So stupid! So, something? Soso something? I don’t know, … Continue reading

Im Sick

inspired by howl by AG, currently as a draft that I am reworking:


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