Let It All Fray

Through the windowpane the ash melts the cellophane yellow stained knuckles odorous of genteel despair the head meets the pavement in the dead of night the moths dance in halos of orange and blue streetlights stained the facades of elm trees look black violet and pink frayed the mind dissolves like a fractured web fragments … Continue reading Let It All Fray


The Mask is Gone

The mask is gone and enduring a fatal blow that whipped up visions of life shattered into incalculable gleaming     raindrops Smash smash smash Broken off that cover to writhe in true pain and huffs of compromised air that itself was in a stasis of time Nothing bleeds when stabbed Lit from plastic coffee stains … Continue reading The Mask is Gone


A violent crude enigma of immeasurable proportions dimensions unknown to laymen and silent whispers unheard. I speak sweetly of designs I have never kept and hope-addled promises I have never met. To err again and again from the illustrious path … what lessons have I learned? I beseech thee for answers to questions unanswerable. Unnerving … Continue reading Enigma