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the trees hush as they come forth … Advertisements

My life is falling apart

My life is falling apart but not in any way I know, my vision of things unseen is blurring the way stars do when they are forgotten about and I see the sunrise before it does not come. This is a mini disaster, all my resources are deplete and this corpse is never complete they … Continue reading

Beat Spring

Forward thinkers, fast thinkers, edge brinkers Pond drinkers Chant singers Hallelujah screamers Driving beamers. The hot cup special, walk around with your shirt in this back seat so you can bathe neat and look like a beatnik steeped in heat Or try to write a poem on some tumultuous feat. And please see your shrink … Continue reading

Night Rollers

The night rollers mosey on high-ball drinks filled with ice and bliss. Happiness is on tab and two drinks is all you need to run a lap. Spring is in full bloom and the static air is cooked al dente. Leave your ID in the car because they won’t need your family’s name. Just remember … Continue reading


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