Beat Kid

Beat kid ... Mr. Momotaro has cat hair in his msg and kingpin Larry still fingers Lisle's lanes. Morton salts his neighbor's daughter's driveway while Ray McDonald McGangbangs the ratchet way. Old Wooly Woodridge scarfs incandescents up his ass full of baking soda and cocaine. Fulbright got a second look from Forbes while they sat … Continue reading Beat Kid


i promise you

ive seen lots of spirits... i promise you there was a ghost but she wouldnt look at my loathesome face she just sat on the stoop lookin at her ghostfeet when i took the picture with the flash on no i never saw her face is that bad or bad luck or just bad luck … Continue reading i promise you


A revised epic poem in three parts and an epilogue but not yet finished. Suburbia: A Commentary The sleepy little suburb that I call home; some eighteen miles from the heart of America; with ornately diseased elms like the children cared about the superficially decadent and loosely rooted history. The sleepy little suburb is constantly … Continue reading Exodus